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This month’s Indie Spotlight is:

The Search for Planet X

As those of us here on Earth continue to wrestle with a series of matters both massive and mundane, one of the brightest moments in recent memory – both literally and metaphorically – came with the successful launch of the SpaceX capsule to the ISS, establishing a means of catapulting ourselves to the stars with the first new delivery vehicle in a couple decades. Not only was it pulled off successfully, but in that brief moment it also served as a shining reminder of what can be accomplished we combine the will of progress, perseverance, innovation, and the determination to reach for the horizon. It was a bright spot in cloudy days.

Indeed, space represents a lot of different things to us overall, but perhaps the most universal among them is how it reflects our insatiable drive to explore the world, the universe, and ultimately, ourselves. That need to always be learning, always seeking what is over the next hill, is one of the uniquely human qualities we have. In what was originally a trait solely used for survival, our limitless capacity for knowledge and the need for understanding is no better encapsulated than in the vast cosmos that lay beyond our tiny blue bauble.

By sheer coincidence, this recent real-world event ties directly into our Spotlight for June, as we once again look to the stars in as many months. Except in this case, the entire premise is centered on the gathering knowledge on space rather than barreling through it. And we get to do it right here on planet Earth, with The Search for Planet X, the latest title from Foxtrot Games.

At its celestial core, The Search for Planet X is an app-driven logic-based deduction game, in which players are competing astronomers  trying to pin down both the existence and location of the elusive and mysterious Planet X, a heretofore undiscovered planet residing at the edge of our solar system. Over the span of an hour or so, players take turns scanning the night sky looking for clues as to Planet X’s location, all in the hopes of being the first to publish their findings and solidifying their place in the annals of astronomic lore.

Besides the inherent amusement that The Search for Planet X is, essentially, a game about performing academic research, the game is also particularly novel in the way it blends the atmosphere of classic board game deduction titles – replete with paper pads and note-taking – with a 21st century driven app that controls the randomized game matrix. Through this pairing the game feels both familiar enough to dive into quickly but innovative in that setup and gameplay are handled via the push of a button rather than some cumbersome book of tables or stack of cards – which also precludes the need for any sort of GM-like player role. Because of that, it allows everyone the equal opportunity to take their respective telescopes for a lightweight competitive spin around the cosmic neighborhood. The results of which is quite stellar.

So grab your telescope and notebook, because it’s time for one of the nerdiest contests this side of the Kuiper Belt!



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