A Brief Epic Resort Strategy Itinerary

We hope that you are making your current stay at our location as adventurous or as quiet as you want it to be! We here on Awesomesauce Island wish to ensure that our staff provide you with anything you’ll need and not impede your enjoyment in any way. However, we thought that this short itinerary of stategy tips for Epic Resort may be of interest you, crafted and provided by designer Ben Harkins. This is fully complimentary, of course.

Thank you for your time and for choosing Awesome Destination Resorts!

Tropical Ben’s Five Tips for Epic Success

  • Try to keep at least one tourist at each Attraction – especially if that location already has damage on it. Even one tourist prevents most monsters (besides those uncontrollable dragons of course) from taking down your Tiki Huts and losing everything you’ve built up at that location.


  • Acquiring specialists that line up well with the types of Attractions you have at your resort is a surefire way to consistently have enough workers. In turn, you can keep that momentum going through your series of upgrades by considering Attractions that can also take advantage of their skills.


  • Remember: any damage will be removed when you upgrade an Attraction. If you can handle the risk and have plans to upgrade anyways, sometimes it may be worth just letting it take a damage instead of wasting resources to prevent it.


  • SONY DSCDon’t ignore Attraction abilities. They’re often very powerful by giving you distinct advantages your opponents won’t have, and they don’t use up your actions.


  • Know your competition. Keep an eye on where your opponents’ resort levels are at for Tourists, Heroes and Gold. Monsters like going after the player with the most in these categories, so it can pay well to drift in second place behind the leader.


Epic Resort creator Ben Harkins was gracious enough to supply this mini strategy guide. He can be found most readily via Twitter.

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