Gamer Archetypes


Here at the Cardboard Republic, we believe that gamers have types – Gamer Archetypes – that can provide insight into how and why they play. Archetypes describe a player’s preferred strategies, level of competitiveness, interest in different kinds of games, and much more.

Think about it for a moment. Do you like to attack right out of the gate? Or would you prefer to accumulate some resources before launching your campaign? Are you there to talk about your day? Do you want a game to give you some back story?

Your answers to those questions tell us what you want out of your gaming experience. You want to win, or to build, or experiment. You want to conquer the world, or to make an alliance, or to play a role. Every gamer wants something different, and the type of game that ‘s being played can lend itself to a myriad of strategies. But beneath it all, gamers fall into six types: Tacticians, Socializers, Immersionists, Daredevils, Architects, and Strikers. Of course, none of these are mutually exclusive. You can be an Immersionist/Architect or a Striker/Daredevil – in fact, you probably will be some combination of types. To learn more about the individual types, click the links below. Or, if you’re curious, you can take our quiz to discover your Gamer Archetype.