The Daredevil
They’ll figure something out. Probably.



Unpredictable and fast-paced, Daredevils play games to experience what they aren’t able to during everyday life. They love to push the boundaries, and while they don’t try to outright break or even subvert the rules, they do try to create the most outrageous, ridiculous scenario they can image. They won’t just play an elf: they’ll play an elf with dwarfism who also happens to be an astrologer and a cultist. They play to experience something exotic and exciting, and they’re not necessarily wrapped up in concerns over strategy, theme, or mechanics.

Daredevils thrive in fast-paced games, such as Dominion, that allow them to change tactics and goals as quickly as they wish. They enjoy moving around other players, whirling like nerdy dervishes and throwing everyone off balance. For some, the intent is to simply to operate contrary to expectation: if other players suggest that they buy Gold, they’ll buy Silver even if they’re not entirely sure what to do with it – they have confidence in their abilities to figure something out. For others, it is simply because they are able to do something unconventional. The adventure and the risk of the unknown are huge draws for Daredevils, who love the unpredictability of high stakes gambles. Win or lose, they’re going to go all in again and again with only minor concern for what the next turn may bring.

Slow, serious games are trouble for Daredevils, who don’t necessarily want to devote the attention and energy to maintaining a long term strategy. They’d rather make a quick decision and just see what happens than get bogged down in half hour turns. Play length isn’t a factor so much as they want their shenanigans to be successful, and the longer a game goes the less likely that is. Their play style is entropic, and they need a game that isn’t going to impose so much order that they feel claustrophobic within the rules. So, intense resource management games or cerebral tabletop sessions aren’t likely to be favorites. Keep your 3 hour game in the box and pull out something shorter; everyone will be a lot happier.


Recommended Games:

  • Small World
  • Dominion
  • Munchkin