The Striker
The quickest way to victory is through you.



If the Tactician is a general, the Striker is a war lord. Bloodthirsty and bold, Strikers play to win – preferably quickly and by a comfortable margin. They thrive on competition, and pitting their brains and brawn against another’s is what keeps them coming back to the table. They love the rush they feel as they push their character headlong into battle or send their fleet out to conquer the galaxy. Committing themselves fully to their objective and risking heavy losses to achieve impressive victories is what gaming is all about for this competitive type.

Unsurprisingly, Strikers are drawn to fast-paced, confrontational games. They prefer to rely on strategy rather than luck, and they’re not likely going to spend the entire game amassing a gigantic army. They want to hit hard and fast  and they’re likely to come out of the gate fighting. They wish to emerge victorious as quickly as possible. And then do it all again. Strikers see anything other than an outright act of benevolence as an invitation to war, but they respect boldness and aggression in other players. (Of course, “respect” does not necessarily mean “tolerate.”) They are willing to engage in diplomacy, though they’re more likely to be seeking marriages of convenience than a means to end their conflict peacefully. Strikers hate tactics that prolong the game, partly because it goes against their desire to end the conflict quickly, and partly because when the battle becomes a war their odds of success shrink.

Non-confrontational games, such as party games, are likely to bore Stikers. With nothing to attack, their motivation for playing is essentially gone. Crossing the finish line first is still the primary goal, but games that don’t have inter-player conflict or an emphasis on the winner may leave them feeling cheated. However, cooperative games that allow for a confrontational outlet against the game itself, be it by stopping diseases or a horde of zombies, can still easily keep their interest.


Recommended Games:

  • Frag
  • Zombies!!!
  • Killer Bunnies