Board Game Patreon List

Like most creatives-driven industries, board game coverage has its fair share of crowdfunding efforts by numerous outlets trying to raise a few extra dollars for their tireless efforts. Maybe it’s for another coffee to keep them going, a new mic so you can hear them better, or a new feature that they’re hoping to roll out with enough support. Whatever the reasons for their campaigns, quite a few groups have made the conscious effort to put themselves out there and ask for your donations through places like KickstarterKo-fi, and Podpledge. Yet while Kickstarter campaigns often get the most visibility and attention due to their short campaign time and size of the platform, the most common site for such efforts, by far, is Patreon, where hobby contributors seek your help over the course of a year instead of a couple week window.

The thing is, Patreon kind of stinks when it comes to blindly finding an outlet’s page. Random browsing for board game Patreons is pretty much impossible, and keeping tabs through direct mentions of all the people you read, listen to, or watch, can be a challenge.

So we made this list. Originally we compiled it just for ourselves, but we’ve since decided to share it with you as well in the hopes that you too find it useful.

Below is a Not-At-All-Comprehensive list of active board game Patreons*, broken down by category of their primary delivery media and / or focus. No one is saying that you have to support any or all of these folks (especially if you don’t have the means – that’s ok!), nor is this meant to implicitly advocate for, or exclude against, anyone in particular. What we can promise is that browsing this list will be a lot easier than the site directly.

Feel free to check out the links whether you’re quite familiar with the names on this list, or you’re finding out about them for the first time.


*Active in this case means at least one backer pledge and has made some kind of post relatively recently, It also doesn’t contain the many wargaming Patreons out there, and we’re sure we missed a few, but we can work on adding them if people find this initial list useful!