The Architect
Limited only by the number of pieces in the box.



The Architect is your classic builder of … well … everything. They get their gaming thrills from creating, developing, and expanding their way to victory.  While other players may launch themselves about, attacking friend, foe, and countryman with a Viking’s fervor, the Architect is content to spend their time and resources improving their farm, factory, or secret volcano lair. However, if unchecked, that same growth that occupied the Architect’s time will allow them to invent a super-weapon or raise an unstoppable armada. Hey, that’s progress for you.

Unsurprisingly, Architects naturally prefer games that allow them to take a neutral-to-peaceful stance for as long as possible. Their chief ambition is to build themselves up rather than to keep others down. Any game that will allow for creating territory/cities/an empire is a natural fit, though they’d rather be fighting the game than the other players. Games that allow for diplomatic or economic victories are preferable to games that feature only combat. That said, if war is the only recourse, or if the Architect is assured of victory, woe be to those who wronged them.

Much as an Immersionist likes to bury themselves in a game world, the Architect perceives themselves to be the world builders. But this takes time. Games that prevent them from setting down roots on their own corner of the board will lose favorability quickly; if that happens there is little chance of regaining interest. The Architect should wisely avoid games that are designed to be over in a few minutes or where the only path to victory is through their opponent’s rib cage. Just as important, though, is having a game with a sense of purpose. Architects want to feel the investment in the game they’re playing is well spent. Thus, if a game is too random or too light on structure, Architects may take their resources elsewhere.


Recommended Games:

  • Civilization
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Puerto Rico