Gen Con Indie Cavalcade!

The Indie Cavalcade returns for Gen Con 2016! As one of the largest and most sprawling game conventions in the world, Gen Con has no shortage of gaming-related activities to check out. At the center of this four day convention is its Expo Hall with a massive list of over 500 vendor, retailer and publisher booths. So if you’ve heard of a publisher, they’ll be listed, right?

GenConWell, not necessarily. For one, Gen Con booths aren’t cheap, and not everyone is able to (or willing) to spend the money to get their name on a booth directly. This leads to booth sharing or publishers who aren’t even located in the Expo Floor.

And then there are upcoming indie games.

Hidden beyond the the Expo Floor map lies a loose network of dozens of indie game designers at the convention whose game hasn’t even been published yet but who would love to show their game off all the same. From organized demo times at places like First Exposure Hall to guerilla-style demos upon request, these games exist. Finding them, on the other hand, is tricky.

To help with that, we have posted the information below of various indie designers or studios, such where you can find them, info on the games, and how you can contact them about demos.

We’ve also provided a publisher Lost & Found, a handy reference list for where unlisted publishers can be found on the Expo floor.


With what little time and resources we had, we present a decent list of many of the games we were able to find that were reported to us. We hope you find this useful.

Note 1: Unfortunately, the complete First Exposure Hall List did not make it to us in time to be added to the Cavalcade properly. However, you may see the entire list of games in the First Exposure Hall by looking at this PDF. Enjoy!

Note 2: The live filter appears to be malfunctioning. We’re working on it.

Gen Con Indie Cavalcade

gen con cavalcade2

[tt_timetable columns=’thursday,friday,saturday,sunday’ hour_category=’Expo Floor,First Exposure Hall,Free Play Halls, By Request, ICC Green, ICC Red, ICC Yellow, ICC Black, ICC White, ICC Purple, ICC Blue’ measure=’0.5′ filter_kind=’event_category’ time_format=’g:i A’ hide_hours_column=’1′ event_layout=’3′ filter_color=’820009′ custom_css=’.tt_timetable th, .tt_timetable td { color: #ffffff; }’ box_bg_color=’ffffff’ box_hover_bg_color=’ffffff’]

Publisher Lost & Found

Publisher / Design HouseLocated AtBooth #
Argentum VerlagPassport Game Studios2533
Black Oak GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
BombyxAsmodee Editions1629
Breaking GamesAd Magic1749
Chara GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
Cheapass GamesLone Shark Games2847
Competo / MarektoyAd Magic1749
Cross Cut GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
Czech Games EditionConvention Center RoomsRoom 121
Daily Magic GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
Days of WonderAsmodee Editions1629
Dice Hate Me GamesGreater Than Games2123
eggertspieleStronghold Games2323
Everything Epic GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
Fabled NexusGreater Than Games2123
Foxtrot GamesRenegade Games2304
Funforge GamesPassport Game Studios2533
Gameworthy LabsAd Magic1749
HurricanAsmodee Editions1629
LibelludAsmodee Editions1629
Lookout GamesMayfair Games129
LudicallyAsmodee Editions1629
LudiCreationsPassport Game Studios2533
Lui-mêmeAsmodee Editions1629
MatagotAsmodee Editions1629
Mindclash GamesAPE Games1739
Nevermore GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
Ninja Star GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
NSKN GamesPassport Game Studios2533
Pandasaurus GamesIDW Games158
Pretzel GamesZ-Man Games1429
Rebel.plAsmodee Editions1629
Repos ProductionAsmodee Editions1629
Rio Grande GamesConvention Center RoomsRooms 233-236
Rock Manor GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
Rogue AsylumAd Magic1749
Rule & MakeAPE Games1739
Shoot Again GamesIndie Game Alliance2563
Space CowboysAsmodee Editions1629
Squirmy BeastAd Magic1749
Stonemaier GamesDowntown MarriottDenver Conference Room
Windrider StudiosAsmodee Editions1629
Wonder ForgeRavensburger2658
Ystari GamesAsmodee Editions1629