The Socializer

“Oh – wait! Is it my turn again?”



Unlike the other player types, Socializers don’t really play for the sake of the game. Sure, they like to roll dice and flay orcs just as much as the next geek, but Socializers see games as tools more than as hobbies. They use games the way that some people use alcohol – a social device and a means of bringing folks together through a shared experience. Games give Socializers something to do during the pauses in conversation, but they’re never the focus of the evening. Socializers are there for the people, and they’re less concerned about keeping score or developing strategy than they are about everyone feeling included and having fun.

Socializers prefer games that are light on rules and heavy on interaction. Pictionary is one classic example. The Socializer’s ideal game is one with rules that are quick to explain, easy to master, and game play is fast and interactive. They generally strive for games that bring other players out of their respective shells and are not too combative. While a little competition can spark friendly rivalries, Socializers prefer that no one feel jilted or be attacked directly. Party games or family games are the go-to genres for a Socializer, but dinner theater games like How to Host a Murder can be another great avenue for Socializers looking to blend action and competition with cooperative mechanics.

If a game is heavy on rules or strategy though, a Socializer would be wise to skip out early that night. Twenty minute monologues on tile placement and turn order take away valuable chatting time, and the steep learning curve involved in many strategic games is too much cognitive investment for gamers whose primary goal is to catch up with their friends. Games that require a fair amount of forethought and focus aren’t likely to hold the interest of a Socializer, nor will those that involve several hours of commitment time.

Recommended Games:

  • Apples to Apples
  • Balderdash
  • Ticket to Ride