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This month’s Indie Spotlight is:

Overlords of Infamy

The world we know isn’t perfect, especially of late. With turmoil, tragedy, and general suffering by many groups, these are trying times. But even in such moments, hope springs eternal. We know that there is a dawn beyond the darkness and that things can, nay will, get better.

On Planet Fred, however, there is no such luxury. Evil has come to reign supreme and hope for a better tomorrow has been completely extinguished.

Well, okay, evil hasn’t won just yet. But it’s coming soon!

Well, as soon as the lair is ready. The cable guy is coming on Monday…

Then the eviling will begin for real! Starting off the quest for world domination by replacing all the world’s civil servants with sloths, slowing things down even further. Bwa ha ha!

So…that’s basically Overlords of Infamy: a madcap game of being the best B-level bad guy you can be.

Not every game is designed to be incredibly serious, packed to the brim with careful plotting, deep analytical turns, and methodical, logical ambition. Sometimes you get games where you’re a dapper T-Rex whose evil goal is to steal everyone’s left shoe, or where you’re a maniacal corgi determined to rid the world of all vacuums. And not only is that all right, the whole thing is down right entertaining. This game is the proof positive that sometimes it’s just better to embrace the insanity.

(We’d love to explain the details on the incongruity theory of humor and why people find such things so funny, made famous by renowned philosopher Immanuel Kant…but someone went and stole our books. Like, all of them. Curse you Viletron!!!)

Overlords of Infamy provides a robust rogue’s gallery of villains to choose from as you begin your scheming. Unfortunately, it’s less denizens of Arkham Asylum and more….Council of Doom from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Their personalities are eccentric, their goals ludicrous, and the whole theme comes off as one part satire, two parts lighthearted race for infamy.

Over the course of the game, each player takes on one of these personalities as they try to enact their Saturday Morning Cartoon styled world domination plans, starting on what we can only assume was once the bucolic island of Catan. First there, then the world!

As you’d expect for an evil overlord, your goal is to make your subjects as unhappy as possible. Maybe your ambition is to remove all the cats from the internet, or to outlaw pizza. Whatever the case may be, causing strife and tension are your main objectives, which is usually achieved by completing nefarious plans and quests.

Of course, all the other evil overlords are trying to do the same thing. So naturally players are also constantly trying to undermine one another as they spread out from their respective lairs and causing – let’s go with mayhem – across the land.

Further complicating your desire to make sauerkraut a mandatory garnish is that you’re also being pestered by (uggghh) hero types, whose sole mission is trying to stop you. Because of course they are.

At the end of the game, the villain who manages to create the most misery will go on to lord over Fred. Or end up on a children’s cereal box. 50/50 really.

There are times when it’s good to be bad. And the villains of Overlords of Infamy are so bad they’re good. So come on down to Planet Fred and get your hands dirty. These peasants won’t be subjugating themselves!




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