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Nemo’s War (2nd Edition)

People have been telling stories to one another since time immemorial. Whether used to pass down how to navigate by stars, the history of their people, or the lessons of the gods, oral tradition was the principal way humans imparted knowledge to one another for millennia. It wasn’t until the invention of the written word – and an easy means of producing it at that – when civilization started jotting down things besides important facts and customs. In time, we started creating wholly original fiction.

Yet while the realm of speculative fiction has been around since at least the time of the ancient Greeks, it really wasn’t until Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the advent of electricity that what we know as science fiction appeared on the scene. With a focus on potential futures and the myriad possibilities thereof, science fiction bestowed upon us the freedom not just of looking to our past or to other fanciful realms but to a future guided by our own hand.

Whether such futures are gleaming symbols of hope or there to submerse us pools of our own sorrow and hubris are left up to the author.

From contemporary times to the far-flung future, science fiction is a powerful genre that takes us into unimaginable worlds thanks to the magic of science and technology, but it’s almost always done in a way that simultaneously reflects on the world we currently inhabit. By looking outward into the possibilities of what humanity is capable of, it also does a marvelous job holding up a mirror to the here and now.

There’s also a lot of parallels between now and its inception. Just as we see today with the rapid advancement of technology, so too was this felt during the 19th century. Before Asmiov, Bradbury, and LeGuin, there were the likes of Shelley, Wells, and Verne. These initial works resonated both with those who looked forward to what the future held and those more cautious of where unchecked aspirations could take us. And their tales continue to endure. With limitless possibilities on the surface and prescient allegories as it support, science fiction truly is more than just starships and timey-wimey things.

So join us for one of those early takes as we board the Nautilus and head under the sea. For that is the setting you find yourself in, with the completely revamped edition of Nemo’s War.

In this game, you proceed through the story of Verne’s classic tale alongside Captain Nemo and his wondrous advanced submarine. Over the course of its year-long trip, you must make strategic decisions regarding missions of exploration and research. Journey to Atlantis, fight giant sea monsters, and antagonize the maritime rules of the day, all before time runs out.

What’s more, these decisions are yours and yours alone to make, as although it has many moving pieces and numerous tactical choices to consider, Nemo’s War is a designed as a solitary game.

Captain, the ship is yours. It’s been revamped, polished, and the galley is stocked. It’s ready to leave on your command. What wonders await you as you embark on a journey of 20,000 leagues? Why there’s only one way to find out. Bon voyage!




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