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This month’s Indie Spotlight is:

[Still] Gloomhaven

gloomhaven indie cover
You and your comrades find yourselves at a fork in the road. To the left, the path looks straight and navigable, aside from the fact that it’s been heavily reclaimed by the forest around it. To the right, the road is in shambles, rutted and muddy, but well traveled. In one direction lies the outlaws you seek. In the other exists a wasted two day journey. How do you proceed?

Whether it’s your favorite D&D campaign or a lost chapter of the Silmarillion, classic fantasy stories are laden with the tales of adventurers and their exploits. Whether it’s the lone hero or a plucky band, there’s a certain appeal to exploring lost dungeons, seeking treasures, and beating up as many monsters as possible along the way. Adventure! Excitement! Precious, precious loot!

Many board games also try to capture that feeling through a variety of different means, but it can be tricky providing a meaningful sense of character and world progression the same way a good book or a tabletop RPG can. You know, while still being functional as a board game and all…

Yet that’s precisely what the ambitious new game Gloomhaven intends to do. In the next line of Legacy-inspired games, Gloomhaven takes players on a co-op trek out of the town and into the lands beyond. There, players will embark on quests, fight monsters, explore dungeons, collect gear, level up their character, and all those other typical do-goodery hero things. Unlike your typical board or video game adventure, however, you can’t simply hit the reset button and start the mission over. Just like every good Choose Your Own Adventure book, the decisions you and your party make has a direct impact on the game as it unfolds. Much as in a real tale, there simply isn’t enough time in a day to do everything, and, no, you can’t hold your place to see if you made the best move.

Part card-driven tactical battle game, part RPG-inspired board game, Gloomhaven embarks on a quest to provide a deep and rewarding fantasy game experience where your choices (and the consequences of them) matter. And it’s well on its way.

Basically it’s everything people wished HeroQuest was. Plus a whole lot more.

So assemble you group, stock up on supplies, and sharpen your blades, because it’s about time we this party started.



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