Vox Republica 141: Science Is Your Friend

Episode 141

Length: 1:06:45

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DESCRIPTION: Science is your friend! With Earth Day and the unprecedented March For Science taking place recently, this week Erin and Ryan talk about science in gaming and recommend some titles that do an excellent job conveying real world scientific concepts.



QUICK TOPICS – (07:42):

  • When is the best time of the year for gaming? As New Englanders our snap reaction almost always is winter time, what with it being cold and snowy outside. But…is it really the best time of the year? We discuss.


  • Science! It’s fun! It’s informative! And it’s essential to understanding more about how the world works, from the cells in our bodies to the molecules in a distant star, as well as pretty much everything in between. Like many, we’ve noticed in recent years the odd rise of science dismissal (and even denial) on the rise, culminating in the recent March for Science in D.C, where scientists the world over felt the need to demonstrate in defense of the very notion of science and scientific pursuit.

    These are strange times…

    In honor of that, our focus topic in this week is to celebrate and highlight specific games that do an excellent job teaching real science concepts while also being fun. There’s a whole bunch out there, but we provide some suggestions that you should check out in areas such as:

    • Aerospace
    • Biology & Microbiology
    • Chemistry
    • Medicine
    • Physics
    • Zoology
    • And more!

PLUGS – (1:05:08):


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