Weekly Roundup 9/26/13

Weekly News


Site News:

Do you want to help sick kids through games? We do. In case you missed it, please check out our Extra Life announcement and consider donating to the cause.


New Games:

Longhorn is a new game coming out this fall from Blue Orange Games. It’s set in Texas, and players are cattle thieves looking to make a quick buck by stealing from some poor ranchers. (via BGG)

Or, if cows aren’t your thing, you can try BATTLE SHEEP!!! (Emphasis mine.) I’ve loved sheep ever since I lived in Northern England for six months. It’s based on an abstract game called Splits, and while I’m generally not a fan of abstract strategy games . . . well, sheep! SHEEP! (via BGG)

Are you intrigued by Risk Legacy, but don’t actually want to play Risk? Yes? Well, good news, everyone! Plaid Hat Games and IronWall Games are releasing a 4X game set in a near-realistic fantasy world in which the choices players make have a lasting effect on gameplay. Sign. Me. Up. Also, the name of the game is SeaFall. (via BGG)


Other News:

Pandemic is coming to the iPad. I don’t have an iPad, but I’m hopeful that there will be an Android conversion before long. It looks beautiful, by the way. It’ll be out on Oct. 3rd, and I hope that someone will send me screenshots so that I can (1) drool over the beauty and (2) criticize their Pandemic strategy. Any takers?


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