Weekly Roundup 9/19/13

Weekly News


Site News:

Do you want to help sick kids through games? We do. In case you missed it, please check out our Extra Life announcement and consider donating to the cause.


New Games:

Super Fantasy is a fast-paced D&D-lite board game. Up to six players take on the role of “heroes” hacking and slashing their way through a modular dungeon. Combat is resolved through dice, which is admittedly not a mechanic I’m in love with. Still, it’s due out at Spiel in October. (via BGG)

Speaking of dice, Buccaneer Bones is also premiering at Spiel. It’s about rolling dice and stealing treasure, so it might be worth a look. (via BGG)

And more from BGG! Viking: Warriors of the North is a card-based game with an interesting mechanic. Rather than building your own deck, players all draw from a common one.



Ticket to Ride is coming out with a Netherlands expansion. This has already been spoiled on two separate occasions, so it’s hardly new news, but it’s now all official.


Other News:

This month will mark the 10th annual Indigenous Games based in Tshwane, South Africa. The games consist of physical sports, as well as traditional board and dexterity games.

It’s finally happened: the classic game of checkers has been solved. I’d be more concerned if I knew where my game of checkers was. (I’m pretty sure I haven’t touched it since I was 12.)


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