Weekly Roundup 9/13/13

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Site News:

Do you want to help sick kids through games? We do. In case you missed it, please check out our Extra Life announcement and consider donating to the cause.


New Games:

Quined Games is set to release two new titles at Spiel. The first is total Strategizer bait. Trains, player-controlled turn order, a complete lack of luck. Ladies and gentlemen, American rails. The second is a game called Warlock, a card game in which you have to build your empire with the help of fantastic creatures. (via BGG)

I don’t know. Is this a new game? Carcassonne: Sudsee has players gathering and shipping bananas and fish rather than building roads and farms. (via BGG)

Steve Jackson Games has announced an upcoming release. Chupacabra sees players running from the vicious fantastic creature. I’m not sold on the glow-in-the-dark dice, though. Am I supposed to play in the dark? Do we only turn off the lights when we roll the dice?



There might be a L5R-themed version of Love Letter in the works. No idea on dates, yet, but I’m sure it’ll sell like woah. (via BGG)

More Munchkin. Yup, it just never dies. Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks!, Munchkin: Gobsmacked, and Munchkin Gets Promoted. (via I:T)

Powergrid is getting an India and Australia map pack. (via BGG)

Fantasy Flight has announced another expansion – the sixth – to the Call of Cthulu Card Game.


Other News:

This Arkham Horror storage solution is a thing of beauty.


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