Weekly Roundup 8/28/14

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Hey all! So. You may have noticed many a change in our News Post formatting as of late. We’ve been playing around with different ways of doing it in the hopes that one stuck, but honestly, none really have. At this point, we’ve decided to phase out our game announcements in an effort to focus more on providing unique and substantive content. (You can get these news updates in a number of places such as BoardGameGeek, Purple Pawn, ICV2, Today in Board Games, and DiceTowerNews.)

That said, starting next week we’ll still be giving you a few good Kickstarter links every week, and we’ll also be including some links to interesting news stories from around the gaming world.

Thanks for your patience as we’ve played around with our ideas here. Stay tuned next week for a refreshed link round up and happy gaming!



Games & Expansions

Right. So just about anything that has been announced in the last week or two came out before or at Gen Con. And Ryan has already compiled a list to end all lists of what ‘s transpired lately in the Big Damn Recap of Gen Con 2014. Be sure to check it out!


Other Interesting Things

What: Calliope Games Announces Titan Series
Why: Calliope Games will be Kickstarting a new game line with the intent of having twelve well-known designers who specialize in complex games design for families and new gamers.

What: Magic: the Gathering is eliminating Core Sets
Why: After 20 years, the game of Magic announced they will be phasing out three-set blocks and their iconic core sets starting next year.

WhatAsmodee Buys Out Days of Wonder
Why: It’s technically a merger, but if your merger involves you being wholly owned by your “partner”. . . Anyway, this consolidates two large figures in the US board gaming market, and the fallout, if any, remains to be seen.

WhatEclipse Phase Release Char Gen App
Why: It’s multiplatform and can help you generate characters for Eclipse Phase. It’ll also help you level characters that you’ve built. Sweet.


Crowdfunding Corner Top Three

Title: Clockwork Kingdom
Publisher: Mr. B. Games
Designer: Brandon Allen
Buy-In: $45

Why It’s Special: The kind has died, and now is your chance to fill that power vacuum. Do you have what it takes? We’re wanting to find out in this steampunk-themed worker placement game.  Amass resources, outwit your enemies, and maybe if you have some spare time build yourself a latticework pet.


Title: Galaxy of Trian
Publisher: Creativemaker
Designer: Seweryn Piotrowski
Buy-In: $39

Why It’s Special: We do love a good science fiction story, and this tactical tile game has an interesting on. In this game, a powerful ancient alien race has a terrible case of wanderlust, and after settling in for awhile, they’re ready to move again. When that happens, they’ll be leaving a lot of resources and technology behind, and it’s your job to grab as much of that as you can before your opponents do instead.


Title: Pirate Loot
Publisher: Minotaur Games
Designer: Jason Bulmahn
Buy-In: $20

Why It’s Special: We are big, big fans of the Gamewright filler pirate game Loot. It’s a simple but entertaining affair full of pirates trying to steal treasure from one another. That should not be confused with Pirate Loot, which a filler game about pirates trying to steal treasure from another…

We jest, but Pirate Loot does actually play quite differently, where you take a few short action-taking turn to load up your pirate ship with the meanest crew you can before someone has enough loot to proclaim themselves the lord of all pirates. Savvy?



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