Weekly Roundup 4/5/13

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Site News:

Last weekend we hosted a successful TableTop Day event, and at its height had over 30 people, several of which found the event through the TableTop Day website. Cheapass Games’s Unexploded Cow was a surprise hit, as was the Feed-the-Panda game, Takenoko and the tabletop game Fiasco. We even had requests to do something like it again, which is a nice vote of confidence.

In case you missed our April Fool’s events, our Monday Magic article was about a card that was completely useless to the Commander format, and we announced that the Indie Spotlight game was Monopoly.

Well, the real  Indie Spotlight game is Island Fortress! And you know what? We’re giving the game away! Be sure to read the article on the game’s history and follow the instructions.



New Games:

Arctic Scavengers, a reprint title from Rio Grande, is due in April. I’m not sold on the mechanics because they involve bluffing and my best poker face involves furious blushing and wide smiles, but I really like the theme.

Also saw this on BGG: Carnival Zombie. Check this intro before you roll your eyes at the ubiquitous Z word:

“The ancient manuscripts talk about a Leviathan, a huge creature lying on the silt bed of the lagoon on whose back the city has its foundations. All manuscripts agree on its eternal sleep and they all tell that the beast will wake up one day, shaking the city from its muddy roots, smashing the vitrified stilts on which the city stands, and crashing it into the seething sea where the monster will rise. The ancients say, however, that there will be signs; it is written that the Venetians will feel the tremors, that they would therefore save themselves from the monster, who will recover his freedom by plunging into the waves a deserted city.

But there were no signs. What ancients did not know is that the Leviathan is not alive. For centuries, the city lived and prospered on the back of a corpse. That corpse, though, is now awakening – and with it the dead arise from the lagoon…”

It’s like a vivid nightmare. I want in.

Cryptozooic’s Lord of the Rings deck building game is set to premiere on April 12th.

Look over here!

Also, they’re releasing another Walking Dead board game. Related: is anyone still making Carl jokes? I haven’t seen any in awhile, but I admittedly haven’t been paying attention.

You can go ahead and pre-order the Bioshock (Bioshock Infinite: Seige of the Columbia) game on Plaid Hat’s website. Not sure if I’ll be into it because I haven’t played the video games, but it sure is beautiful.

Oh God. Walking Dead Monopoly is apparently going to be a thing. We don’t even . . . The only thing that’s making me feel better right now is this satirical write up on Oh! Entertainment.




Rio Grande Games has promised the latest expansions to Dominion and Race for the Galaxy (Dominion: Guilds and Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts) will be out by the end of June.

In case you just can’t get enough Munchkin (Anyone? No?), Steve Jackson games is releasing an expansion comprised of all their previous holiday mini-expansions, plus a couple of new things that I think are pretty irrelevant unless you love Munchkin like woah. I’m not doubting that it will be good. Their games and accessories are always good. I’m just doubting that most people still want to play Munchkin.



Other News:

I don’t normally go in for developer diaries, but I really enjoyed this one from Scott Almes, the mind behind Kings of Air and Steam. Mostly because I didn’t realize that route-planning games were an actual sub-genre, and I love route-planning games.

Standard Action, the D&D-esque web series, is Kickstarting its third season. I just discovered the show (I know. Don’t look at me like that.), but I’d love to see them come back for more.

Lastly, if there’s one thing I like more than dice, it’s whiskey. So putting dice in my whiskey? I’m all over that.



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