Weekly Roundup 4/12/13

Weekly News


Site News:

Our Indie Spotlight game Island Fortress launched a contest last week, and it’s ending at midnight EDT!  Be sure to take a look at the game’s history for a chance to win a free copy of the game! We’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow afternoon!



New Games:

Well, this is only a little new, but Yedo, a German game released in 2012, is coming to the US in 2013. It’s a worker placement game set in feudal Japan, and it’s received rave reviews thus far.

Rio Grande Games is set to release Renaissance Man this year. The game uses a mechanic that combines worker placement with a card game, and it looks like it’ll be worth checking out.

Ok, I like Nathan Fillion as much as the next geek girl, but I’m seriously on the fence about this Castle Card Game. Crytozooic, you make some odd choices sometimes.




Asmodee has released a mini-expansion for 7 Wonders. The add-on, titled Wonders, is available online now.

Hey, mini-expansions galore! Stronghold has just released (or re-released) three little additions to Survive! Escape from Atlantis. One of them contains a giant squid, and I love me some kraken, so I’m all over this.



Other News:

Have some video gamer friends that you’re trying to convert to analog? Board Game Quest has listed the Top 5 Board Games Based on Video Games.

For anyone who doubts that geek love is the best love, check this out. It’s a handmade Fallout Monopoly (rules altered to be . . . well, fun).



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