Weekly Roundup 2/1/13

Weekly News


Site News:

ICYMI, check out our coverage of last weekend’s Unity Games regional game event. It was a blast, and a thank you to all the great people who let us interrupt their game sessions to take pictures.

We’ll be doing the same thing this weekend in Warwick, RI for TempleCon! Will you be there?

Additionally, we have unveiled a new permanent fixture for our site, the monthly Indie Game Spotlight. This helps to address one of the central goals we want for the site. Check out the separate post about it here.


New Games:

Steampunk has been done to death, but we’re still interested in C.O.A.L.: Combat-Oriented Armored League. Due out in early April, C.O.A.L. lets two to four players pilot giant “Steambots.” So it’s mecha steampunk, and we’re on board.

We’re not sure this is as we wished, but we’re interested anyway. Game Salute is putting out a Princess Bride board game. It should be out at the beginning of 2013, which is technically right now. Expect it soon, then!



Get ready to expand your kingdom. A new expansion for Kingdom Builder, titled Crossroads, is due out in April.

And Fantasy Flight, naturally, has news of an expansion of their own. Elder Sign: Unseen Forces is due out this summer.

Escape: Quests, the next expansion for Escape from the Temple, is set to hit the market in August.

FREE! Ok, now that I have your attention, check out this free Eclipse expansion (titled Rockets of Celebration, which I’m sure could be made into a wonderful double entendre by a less sleep deprived mind) from the good guys at Asmodee.


Other News:

Gygax Magazine, a quarterly publication covering adventure gaming, has launched. Their website isn’t super helpful just yet, but there is a link to purchase your first copy.

BoardGameGeek is compiling a list of releases set to appear at Nurnberg 2013. We’ve covered some of them here, but browse the list and let us know if anything interests you.



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