Announcing the Indie Spotlight


If you’ve been following us, you’ve no doubt read some of the stuff on our site. You’ve hopefully read some fun articles, and you may have interacted with at least one of us here directly. At the very least you’ve hopefully glanced over our About Us section.

In any case, you’ve probably heard us mention repeatedly the idea of wanting to give proper attention to new games we particularly enjoy and feel are well crafted from small and independent game designers. We had an early version of this with our launch of the Indie Showcase section featuring Chicken Caesar. (If you missed it, you really should check it out.)

This is us unveiling the Indie Game Spotlight.


You may be seeing this icon on the right-hand side of your screen: 


Yeah, we know they’re pretty similar. In truth, the process we initially set up for the independent game reviews section wasn’t going to work. As such, this new section will be replacing the Showcase idea with something a little more comprehensive.

The Spotlight will bring attention to a specific game each month, and this allows us to do more than just provide you with our review of the game (which are still totally worth reading by the way). We will have a centralized area to post Q&As or interviews with developers, noteworthy news stories, and articles we craft that have some bearing on the game of the month throughout its calendar span.

You also may have noticed that we didn’t post a review this week. As to that, we didn’t want to diminish the attention of the Spotlight section by posting multiple games in a short window to focus on, nor did we wish to diminish worthwhile game reviews just for the sake of posting on schedule. They’ll return next week, along with some of the first bits of our debut Spotlight pick.

Each month will feature someone new. As it is now February 1st, I’m pleased to announce that the Spotlight for February 2013 is Inevitable.

No, really, the game is called Inevitable.

Created by two, er..let’s go with unique.. minds, Inevitable had been a PDF game for some time until, as a very early success story of Kickstarter (way back in 2010!), they released a deluxe version in board game form. We came across their game at PAX East in 2011, and the rest, they say, is post-apocalyptic history.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Spotlight page and our main feed as we continue to build upon what is a founding principle of The Cardboard Republic.


In the interim, may you never run out of required resources.

Ryan LaFlamme