Threading The Conspiracy: MIND MGMT Strategy Tips

Looking through conspiracy theories at the right angle, all twisted and askew that angle may be, can provide (false) sensations of validation that your ideas hold merit and assurance that the world around us isn’t a randomized series of events largely outside of our control. They also provide a sense of intrigue, finding patterns and links in a way that’s almost game-like in nature. With baked-in layers of tantalizing secrecy and innate cinematic qualities, the fiction of a well-presented conspiracy theory can go pretty far.

Plus, though the vast, vast, vast majority of conspiracy theories across time were not even close to real, the fact that any have existed leaves just enough of a window for the possibility that your conspiracy theory happens to be one of those instances. All those other people? Nanners. Yours though? That’s the real deal.

But clearly the MIND MGMT organization IS real. There’s no debating that. And it can be pretty difficult combatting their seemingly endless reach from the shadows. To help you with that, we’ve enlisted the co-designers Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim to exclusively provide some basic strategy pointers on how to stop their schemes and save the day. We knew it’d be risky sharing these details, but we figure they’re worth it.

Problem is, they sent back two sets of tips – one to help stop MIND MGMT and one to help them succeed. Did they both send them together? Is one designer actually working for MIND MGMT, and if so, which one? Is providing this info a feint to get them to get the agency to let their guard down, or are we playing right into some elaborately orchestrated trap?? We simply don’t know!

So we’re sharing both…just in case.

The Rogue Agent’s Guide

Here are some tips to subvert your opponent’s every move


  • The first portion of the game should be spent getting as much information as you can. This means spending many of your actions onĀ Asking and Revealing.


  • Once you have at least 1 movement revealed on the board, look at the spaces adjacent to that space. The Mind MGMT player must have been on at least one adjacent space, so ask about features that are in adjacent spaces to start forming a path.


  • Remember to use your mental notes! When you get a NO from an Ask, write the turn number and an X on 5 mental note tokens and place them on spaces with that feature. You now know that the Mind MGMT player has not been on those spaces up to that turn.


  • Make sure to keep your agents spread out in case the Mind MGMT player is in an area where there are no agents!


  • Always look at every action that the Mind MGMT player does. Why did they move that Immortal to that space? THIS INFO HAS BEEN DELETED AND CLASSIFIED. It could be danger or it could be a bluff! You should at least pay attention.


  • If you know which spaces the Mind MGMT player has been to between 2 Alert icons, then that can help you deduce which features they’re using to recruit.


Click here for a handy graphical version of this info!


The Mind MGMT Guide

Here are some tips to help get inside the enemy’s head


  • Once you know your Recruitment cards, look at the entire board and visualize a path that will take you through the most recruits.


  • Watch out for corners! There’s only one way in and out of them, so that’s 3 spaces of information you give your opponents if they ever reveal a step token there.


  • Use the templates to your advantage. Entering diagonally and / or exiting diagonally can help you move faster across the board and make it more confusing for the agents to track you.


  • If the space you’re on right now has a feature that you’ve never been on before, then you’d better protect it with an Immortal!


  • Sometimes it’s better to save your Mind Power for when you’re close to being discovered, but other times it might be better to skip over spaces that don’t have any of the features that match your recruitment cards.


  • Moving an Immortal SYSTEM HACK DETECTED. FILE NOT FOUND!. can help slow down enemy agents, but they can also give them a lot of information. Some times it might be wise to do the opposite of what’s expected.


Click here for a handy graphical version of this info!


Off the Page Games was gracious enough to supply this strategy guide. They can be found most readily via Twitter.

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