Indie Spotlight: Zpocalypse Z-Breakout and More

With only a week or two to go before Zpocalypse is set for release, hundreds upon hundreds of Kickstarter backers are eagerly awaiting their game. They hunger for it like zombies hunger for, well, brains. Perhaps you are one of them.

Or perhaps you’ve only just heard about the game. As part of ourĀ Indie Spotlight segment we’ve updated that page with some links you may find handy.

For starters, there is the Developer’s Blogs. Here you can learn some of the back story on the game’s creation and several of the development team’s contributions in their own words. It provides some interesting insight behind the scenes takes on what it took to put a game like Zpocalypse together.

If you weren’t one of the backers, but you aren’t quite sure yet if you want to purchase the game to find out if it’s your thing, we have you covered there too. We know the hesitation when considering games in excess of $50, not knowing if it’s a sound investment for your play style. Luckily, you can try it out with Z-Breakout. Z-Breakout is a Print-And-Play mini-campaign available for free download. It will provide you with a short mini-event that allows you to get a basic feel for the game mechanics and flavor without necessarily diving right in yet. There’s nothing to lose! (OK, maybe a few pieces of paper.)

If these interest you, check out the Spotlight page, and continue to check back for more updates all throughout the month of March!