Vox Republica Couch2Con: How To Pitch Your Game [Repost]

Note: Podcast hosts Erin and Ryan are currently enjoying a holiday away. They offer their episode from last season’s recorded episode for Couch2Con, originally posted on 8/12/14.

Episode Couch2Con [Repost]

In Erin and Ryan’s Couch2Con episode, they talk to Cory Jones, Jason Tagmire, and Makenzie Cameron about pitching games at conventions.

Length: 31:50

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VR Logo 300Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

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DESCRIPTION: This special episode was recorded for the Couch2Con project, used as a means to get people into walking practice for convention season. Erin and Ryan talk to a number of industry folk about pitching games at conventions.

GUEST: Cory Jones of Cryptozoic Entertainment, and game designers Jason Tagmire, and Makenzie Cameron.


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  • Couch2Con


  • Being a designer looking to pitch at a larger convention.
    • Which approaches work to catch the attention of publishers? And which don’t?
    • Are there any helpful organizations for up-and-coming designers?
    • Are conventions even necessary for designer success?
    • Red flags to avoid in a pitch.
    • How to maximize your pitch’s effectiveness.
  • Being a publisher being pitched to at a convention.
    • What qualities they look for when designers approach them.
    • The difference between a scheduled and unscheduled pitch.
    • Does a publisher’s personal game preferences impact your odds of success?
    • The three essential questions a designer has to be able to answer in a pitch.

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