Vox Republica 148: Combating The Pile of Shame

Episode 148

Length: 56:07

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voxlogofullWelcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

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DESCRIPTION: This week, Erin and Ryan go into detail on a few of the games they’ve had the pleasure of trying out, chat about some Gen Con plans, and then pivot into a discussion about the significance – or lack thereof – to a person’s To Be Played game list (often called their pile of shame). Turns out it’s only as significant as you want it to be. Who knew?



QUICK TOPICS – (26:27):

  • We’re doing a Gen Con panel! If you’re going, come check out Cardboard Quills: A Written Reviewer Roundtable – a written reviewer Q&A. (If you can’t make it, feel free to still leave a question you’d like asked and we can see if we can get it answered!)
  • We announce the title of the next Board Game Club!
  • Reflecting a cruel case of tragic irony, we briefly talk about the recent fire affecting the European backer copies of Lisboa.
  • Also, unboxing videos?


  • One of the most frequent conversations in gaming (or reading) is how to manage the list of titles that you haven’t played yet. Whether referred to as a bucket list, a to be played list, or as it’s often called, your pile of shame, we parse out what that means – or doesn’t – to your gaming experience overall. In this we cover:
    • Game play shaming on both sides of the equation.
    • Pushing back on the idea that such lists somehow depict a sign of your dedication to the hobby.
    • One in, one out policies
    • Time-delayed policies
    • Austerity Pledges
    • Logging Plays
    • Spreadsheets
    • And more!

PLUGS – (55:25):

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