Vox Republica 144: The Magic of PoSplo

Episode 144

Length: 1:03:56

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DESCRIPTION: It’s one look forward and another look back. With the summer convention scene vastly approaching, Erin and Ryan discuss their expectations for visiting Origins for the first tine. Then they dive into a review of Potion Explosion to reiterate just what makes the game so darn entertaining.



QUICK TOPICS – (19:47):

  • Origins is, like, super soon! And the CR is going! For the first time! We lay out what some of our expectations are and what we hope to do what we get there. If you’re going here’s hoping our paths cross!

REVIEW – (25:39):

  • Based off the “Match 3” style of video games, Potion Explosion is all about making potions and causing explosions...hence the name. In this short 2-4 player game, each person is an apprentice wizard gathering ingredients to fill a series of potions, which is done by removing one or more marbles from the game’s eye-catching dispenser tray. Completed potions are worth a variable number of points – depending on how difficult it is to complete – as well can be used to generate a number of different one-time effects throughout the game. Originally released by Horrible Games and subsequently picked up by Cool Mini or Not, Potion Explosion rose to rapid popularity in part because of an ideal blend of casual gameplay and tactile marble-plinking enjoyment. Tapping into both a person’s desire for socializing through gaming and an innate love of pattern recognition, Potion Explosion delivers so well as a casual game as to have been one of the 2016 Socializer Laurel nominees. That said, as we elaborate, its magic won’t work on everyone.
    • Also, you can check out Ryan’s simple Potion Explosion trick for tray storage here

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The center marble tray where you gather magic ingredients (cleverly disguised as marbles)

The game comes with a variety of colorful potions of different effects

With all the necessary marbles, this potion is now ready for drinking

Sets of potions are worth points and are a victory condition at the same time

Several possible pulls could make for magical explosions. Which will you grab?


PLUGS – (1:03:07):

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