Vox Republica 127: This Funny Dude From Poland

Episode 127

Length: 1:17:11

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voxlogofullWelcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

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DESCRIPTION: This week we return from our fall mini-break refreshed and ready to go. We start off by chatting about a small handful of the many games played recently, chat about our recent past and future convention plans, and then sit down with Ignacy Trzewiczek, head of Portal Games, to talk about the processes he goes through when designing games.

GUESTS: Ignacy Trzewiczek


QUICK TOPICS – (26:06):

  • We chat about the next Granite Game Summit in a few weeks – Halloween Edition. If you’re in the area, consider coming on down!
  • Ryan explains The Pantheon of Meeples.
  • Oh, and there’s our first meeting of Board Game Club!
  • We recap some of the highlights from the 2016 Boston Festival of Indie Games, including memorable games and our presentation of one of the Figgie awards.


  • With a dozen or so memorable, well-received games under its belt and a self-assured designer at the helm, it’s crazy to think that Portal Games is less than a decade old. The biggest reason for their success rests with the fundamental design philosophy of Ignacy Trzewiczek that board games should be an experience when played. He’s stated numerous times in public and on his own blog the importance of this focus in everything they create. Today we sit down with him to go into that idea in more detail, include areas like:
    • How important Robinson Crusoe was to Portal’s initial success and instant reputation.
    • Why theme for him always comes before mechanics.
      • And where that philosophy came from
    • The purpose of his Board Games That Tell Stories blog
    • How his background in GMing RPGs influenced First Martians
    • Why he keeps a journal on most games he play
    • What his two most influential games are on his design process


PLUGS – (1:16:16):

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