Vox Republica 123: The Undead Viking Goes Pro

Episode 123

Length: 1:29:57

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DESCRIPTION: Erin and Ryan talk about the recent Asmodee acquisition announcement, the new Mansions of Madness news, and Gen Con. They’re then joined by Lance Myxter, the Undead Viking himself, for an in-depth conversation about the evolution of board game media.

GUEST: Lance Myxter


QUICK TOPICS – (17:22):

  • Asmodee is at it again, announcing they are planning to acquire F2Z Entertainment (including Z-Man Games, Plaid Hat Games, and Pretzel Games). We tackle what that does – and doesn’t – mean for the industry.
  • Fantasy Flight announced they will be doing a 2nd Edition of Mansions of Madness, replacing the GM-styled Keeper player with an AI-driven app instead. We give our reactions to that change.


  • Lance Myxter (more commonly known as Undead Viking) has been a presence in the gaming hobby for nearly a decade. From his being an early adopter of video reviews to his new employment as a member of publisher Tasty Minstrel Games, he has worn many (hopefully viking-themed) hats. He’s also been around to watch the hobby change and explode in recent years. We sit down to hear his thoughts on how gaming and gaming media has changed in his time. Areas of discussion include:
    • How he got into reviews and how he became Undead Viking
    • His thoughts on the explosion of new gamers to the hobby
    • Reflections of forays of incorporating technology into games
    • The difficulties of having standout games nowadays and the challenge of finding them in today’s era
    • Negative reviews
    • The transition from reviewer to also an employee of Tasty Minstrel Games
    • Also plenty of tangents, such as:
      • Good v Evil alignments in MMOs
      • D&D Go
      • How we as hobby gamers overestimate the reach of BGG
      • Why he largely switched form published to pre-published game reviews


PLUGS – (1:27:20):

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