Vox Republica 121: Meeples (And Humans) Included

Episode 121

Length: 1:17:26

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DESCRIPTION: Diversity and Inclusion in the gaming hobby has been a common topic of late, both on the design side and on the content creator side. This week, after traveling through time and becoming CCG masters, Erin and Ryan  the issues of female representation on box cover art and then have on Marguerite Cottrell (aka Maggibot), creator of the new inclusivity-minded Meeples Included gaming content site.

GUEST: Marguerite Cottrell


QUICK TOPICS – (15:10):


  • Marguerite Cottrell (more commonly known as Maggibot) has been a figure in the board gaming for some time, both as a big fan of the hobby as well a content creator in various forms. Recently she launched Meeples Included, a new gaming content site with a mission statement of including more diversity focus in gaming. We look into how that came about and what she hopes to get out of it. Areas of discussion include:
    • The inception of Meeples Included overall
    • How she got into gaming in the first place
    • The organic nature of the MI contributors
    • The challenges of bringing diversity into the hobby
      • Has that changed from a few years ago?
      • Different obstacles that arise because of those attempts
      • And what it was like to reinvent his own game
    • What drives them to keep moving forward even with the invisible barriers that may exist
    • What lies next for the MI group


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