Vox Republica 120: The Art Of The Con Game

Episode 120

Length: 34:01

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DESCRIPTION: It seems that summer convention season has begun, which is always a chaotic and exciting time. Of the many things you can do to prepare for that experience, one of them is deciding which games get thrown into your bag. This week, Ryan and Erin go over their (albeit paltry) short list of games they’ve been playing and then dive into some of their particular favorites to bring on the road. We also share what some of our remaining 2016 con schedule looks like.



QUICK TOPICS – (8:12):

  • Ryan briefly talks about our latest Kickstarter preview for Tim Fowler’s newest game, Fugitive
  • We briefly go over which conventions the CR will guaranteed to be making an appearance at in the latter half of the year.


  • Most of the time game conventions are associated with bringing new games home with you. Ask most regular con goers, however, and you’ll quickly find that most have a shortlist of games that are often squirreled away that they bring to them, whether it’s because of their portability, accessibility, or something else entirely. We share some of our particular favorites, including interesting tidbits such as:
    • What our most common travel games are
    • Why we usually have at least one two-player game
    • Why we often don’t bring social bluffing games like Werewolf or Coup
    • The common traits of a good travel game
    • How often we actually pull these games out to use on any given trip


PLUGS – (33:14):

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