Vox Republica 118: A Quarriors Qretrospective

Episode 118

Length: 1:02:54

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DESCRIPTION: Fresh off attending a new local game convention, Erin and Ryan talk about the excitement that surrounds the foundation of a new con. Then, after talking about a few of the many games played lately, they move from the present to the past by doing a retrospective review on the innovative dice drafting game Quarriors. Is it still good now? Was it good then? Let’s find out!



QUICK TOPICS – (20:27):

  • We attended the inaugural launch of the first Granite Game Summit, a new New England-based gaming convention!

REVIEW – (27:13):

  • Quarriors is a 2011 release from WizKids for 2-4 players that focuses on the idea of ‘dice drafting’. Set in a fantasy world, you play as warriors who must ready spells and summon creatures to fight for you on the field of battle. You do this Each turn by drawing six dice from your bag and rolling them. From there you spend your rolled resources assigning on assigning monsters and buying new recruits. It’s essentially a deck-building game in dice form, so you spend a lot of the game attempting to get more dice to improve your rolls. Innovative when it first came out, we take a look back and see if it holds up today – and whether it ever did in the first place.

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All the Quarriors snugged in tightly

All the Quarriors snugged in tightly

A Quarrior Qreature Qard

A Quarrior Qreature Qard

A typical Quarriors setup

A typical Quarriors setup

With 4 Quiddity, this player can ready both of their monster dice

This player can spend 3 of their 4 Quiddity to ready both of their monster dice

The player only has enough resources to either summon their wizard die or buy a

The player only has enough resources to either summon their Wizard or buy a new Ghost

Having survived the round, this Goblin scores 2 Glory (VP)

Having survived the round, this Goblin scores 2 Glory (VP)

The Quarriors Qlan

The Quarriors Qlan family photo


PLUGS – (1:02:07):

  • We previewed Anachrony, the time-traveling worker placement game, currently on Kickstarter
  • We reviewed Apotheca, the light set-matching tile game.
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