Vox Republica 115: What IS Indie?

Episode 115

Length: 59:03

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DESCRIPTION: Indie gaming. Chances are you’ve heard this term casually mentioned throughout the gaming world. But…what does that mean exactly? Erin and Ryan break down the term “indie.” What qualities does an indie game or company have to have, and when does an indie turn into a small publisher, big publisher, or mega-hit?



QUICK TOPICS – (23:14):

  • Privateer Press has announced on the heels of the Asmodee changes to its distribution rules that it too will be limiting distribution to online retailers.
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  • The term ‘indie’ is used pretty freely in board gaming, and the intention is well understood. At least, until you try to define it. So we decided to sit down and hammer out what some of that criteria may be. What IS indie? What is the line between indie and mainstream publisher?
    • We consider some of the following criteria:
      • The size of the publisher
      • How long has the publisher been around
      • The designer of the game
      • Print run size
      • Production model of the game (i.e. factory made, self-publisher, Game Crafter, etc.)
      • Marketability of being indie
      • Cultivation of an ‘indie’ brand
    • Also, we ponder if the idea of ‘indie-ness’ is still useful as a term at all.


PLUGS – (58:02):


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