Vox Republica 113: Sentinels of the Kickstarterverse

Episode 113

Length: 54:49

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DESCRIPTION: Sometimes to move forward, it pays to look back. To tie in with the campaign for the final Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion, this week, Erin and Ryan perform a retrospective on Kickstarter’s evolution through the lens of one of gaming’s early success stories of the platform. And who better to do that with than with Greater Than Games themselves!

GUEST: Christopher Badell



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  • We welcome Christopher Badell to the table, one of the co-creators of the massively successful Sentinels of the Multiverse game right on the heels of the game’s final expansion. They’ve been
    • What was the first Sentinels Kickstarter experience like?
    • How Kickstarter expectations have changed since 2011/2012 for both publishers and designers
    • The evolution of Kickstarter campaigns in general
      • The pros and cons of those changes
      • What surprises them about said changes
    • Why Kickstarter isn’t a zero sum enterprise
    • Would the original Sentinels Kickstarter actually be successful in 2016?


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