Vox Republica 111: Time To Get Bamboozled

Episode 111

Length: 1:13:27

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voxlogofullWelcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We post new episodes every other Thursday, with each episode being about 30 – 40 minutes long.

DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Clone Club! This week, Erin and Ryan dive into their recent game night experiences before chatting with the Bamboozle Brothers themselves about design, Kickstarter, and their latest Oprhan Black card game.

GUEST: Jay Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim



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  • We welcome Jay Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim, collectively known as the Bamboozle Brothers to discuss their game designs, including their newest title, Orphan Black: The Card Game.
    • The inspiration behind doing an Orphan Black game and the decision to make it a social deduction game
      • How the characters were chosen
    • The advantages and disadvantages of doing a licensed game
      • how an IP license gets chosen
      • why you shouldn’t chase an IP when designing a game
      • the usefulness of reskinning
    • Why designing for diverse player types is worthwhile


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