Vox Republica 106: BGG Con And Solo Conventioning

Episode 106

Length: 46:11

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voxlogofullWelcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

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DESCRIPTION: This week, Erin and Ryan talk about BGG Con and what it’s like to attend a convention all by yourself – for better or for worse. Then we get all messy in reviewing the food-fight game What The Food?!




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  • We return from the holiday break and Ryan returns from BGG. This was his first time at the convention and his first time going to a convention solo. We chat about it’s like to attend such a convention by yourself.
    • Ryan wrote his first impressions of BGG Con itself previously.
    • What are the limitations of going to a convention solo? Requirements?
    • Is it intimidating to go alone? How does BGG help with this?
    • Was going alone a positive experience? A negative one?
    • How to acclimate to traveling solo.
    • Favorite game of the convention.


  • Food fight! This week we look at What The Food?! by Squirmy Beast. This is a light social and programming card game about a bunch of school kids who get into a food fight and strive to emerge at the end of it the most unscathed. Played over a series of rounds until one person is too humiliated to continue, we dive into the charming parts of this schoolyard fracas, as well as the areas where it may be easier to just take a pie in the face.
What The Food character and action cards

What The Food?! character and action cards

Food cards for all the throwin'

Food cards for all the throwin’

First player burger and Humiliation tokens

First player burger and Humiliation tokens

what the food layout


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  • We recently reviewed the tile-laying game Cacao!
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