Vox Republica 103: Spooky Gaming

Episode 103

Length: 55:40

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VR Logo 300Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We post new episodes every Thursday, with each episode being about 25 – 35 minutes long.

DESCRIPTION: It’s almost Halloween, and for many, that means spooky game sessions. We dive into the pros and cons of horror in gaming, including some of our own horror-based games of choice.




  • After seeing it discussed a few times, Erin and Ryan navigate through the often-tricky topic of expectations and distractions and how to handle them when planning a game day.


  • Halloween, more than any other holiday, always gets gets a big reception from the gaming community, in no small part because of the level of horror games out there. We explore that relationship, including:
    • What does – and doesn’t – qualify as a horror game
    • Why zombies claim the vast majority of horror game themes
    • Some of our personal favorite games amongst various horror categories
    • The inherent difficulty of making a board game truly scary
    • And more!


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Audio Credits: Intro music track is “Swing!” by Bargo!, used under Creative Commons license.