Vox Republica 096: Big Box, Big Problems

Episode 096

Length: 27:03

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VR Logo 300Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

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DESCRIPTION: Erin and Ryan talk about Vassal’s Law and the myriad troubles that come with running extra long games.




  • We briefly address the topic of ‘Vasel’s Law’



  • Massive, expansive and lengthy Big Box games can be a lot of fun…but they’re also a lot of commitment, in time, energy, and table space. We over up some tips on how to make your giant game day run smoothly, including:
    • Plan ahead. Give yourself a solid block of time to run them without other schedules. Include extra time for pauses in game and to teach new players.
    • Make sure everyone knows ahead of time what they’re getting into in terms of length of the game, genre of the game, difficulty of the game (co-op vs not), etc.
    • Have a board game ‘GM’, or a player who knows the game really well and can guide everyone else through it. Designate them as the game arbiter for clarifications to keep the game moving.
    • Take breaks. It helps to refocus people. Too long of a break, however, can have the opposite effect.
    • Give it a dedicated focus. Make an event of it. Don’t try to squeeze it in between other things.


  • We reviewed Mysterium
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