Vox Republica 086: MegaGames

Episode 086

Imagine a game that’s one part model UN, one part LARP, and one part classic tabletop RPG. That’s pretty much what you get with a MegaGame. We recently took part in one, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Length: 42:40

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DESCRIPTION: Ryan and Erin start off with a recap some of their more recently played games before they and guest Mackenie Cameron to dive into the world of MegaGames. Mack recently ran one in Boston called Watch The Skies, which Erin got to partake in. Combining elements of simulation games, wargames, LARPing and pen & paper RPGs, they and 50 or so other people gathered for the event. We share what it took to get that off the ground and how it all turned out in the end.

GUEST: Mackenzie Cameron


  • Watch The Skies
  • Volt
  • Suburbia
  • Magic: The Gathering – Modern Masters 2015
  • Mascarade
  • Castles of Burgundy



  • Attending a MegaGame
    • What even is a MegaGame?
    • How does it function, and ware the requirements for participating?
    • How Watch The Skies differs from other MegaGames
  • What it takes to run a MegaGame
    • How Mack got involved with them
    • The level of preparation required
    • Lessons learned from the inaugural run
    • Determining the amount of leeway for players
    • How to encourage dynamic storytelling


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