Vox Republica 070: Change Is Good

Episode 070

They say that change can do you good. Well, the Vox Republica is taking that idea to heart, undergoing some long-awaited changes to its layout, both inside and out.

Length: 29:07

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VR-Logo-postWelcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We post new episodes every Thursday, with each episode being about 20 – 30 minutes long.

DESCRIPTION: Erin talks about some changes to Vox, then she and Ryan dive into the latest gaming headlines, including the Cones of Dunshire Kickstarter campaign and the latest Dominion expansion. Plus, they delve into the anticipated fallout of Asmodee’s recent acquisitions.




  • Scoville is our January game of the month, and we’re still running a contest (but not for much longer!)
  • Spate of semi-serious “Swag Games” on Kickstarter
  • A new Dominion Expansion titled Adventures was announced, due out in 2015


  • Asmodee was thought to have bought two new game companies, but that info has since clarified. Still, what do such acquisitions mean for the hobby?


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Audio Credits: Intro music track is “Swing!” by Bargo!, used under Creative Commons license.