Vox Republica 037: Gaming Canon Part II

Episode 037

Length: 46:39

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VR-Logo-postWelcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We’re back at posting new episodes every Thursday, and each episode will be about 20 – 30 minutes long.

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, Dave and Ryan were discussing what constitutes the qualifications for a game to become canon. Is there such a thing? Who gets to decide? And so on. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you can do so here.

In the second half of this conversation, they discuss specific game titles that they feel embody what it means to be a canon game. Which ones are chosen? Let’s find out!

[spoiler show=”Or you can click this link to see what we came up with”]These are the suggested canon games mentioned:
Dave’s Tabletop RPG Canon:

  1. Call of Cthulhu
  2. Dungeons & Dragons
  3. Fiasco
  4. Shadowrun
  5. Traveller
  6. Vampire: The Masquerade


Ryan’s Board Game Canon:

  1. Agricola
  2. Apples to Apples
  3. Arkham Horror
  4. Dominion
  5. Magic: the Gathering
  6. Mice & Mystics
  7. Monopoly (yes, really)
  8. Munchkin
  9. Pandemic
  10. Power Grid
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. Scotland Yard
  13. Settlers of Catan
  14. Twilight Imperium
  15. Werewolf




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Audio Credits: Intro music track is “8-Bit Brawl” by DJ Cutman featuring S&CO., used with permission.