Vox Republica 007: Gen Con Recap

Episode 007

Length: 32:32

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Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We’ll be posting new episodes every Thursday, and each episode will be about 20 – 30 minutes long.

This week is our Gen Con recap episode.
Among the games that we mention are:

Redshirts Deluxe, a Star Trek parody game.

Heroes of Metro City, a superhero deckbuilder and our August Spotlight game from 3Some Games.

Firefly, The Game: let’s make some gorram money.

It’s SPACE GHOSTS! I mean, Maschine Zeit.

Looking for Arkham Horror lite? That’s Eldritch Horror.

There’s also Firefly, The RPG. Because Browncoats forever.

Build some roads in Via Appia!

Need some more apocalypse in your day? Get your fill with Dystopia Rising.

Prefer Romulan Warbirds over TIE Fighters in your minis game? Now you’re in luck!

Cogs, Cakes, & Swordsticks, a light steampunk roleplaying game.

Steam Park, a speedy dice-rolling action-taking game is on IELLO’s upcoming games for release.

More steampunk! England has gone crazy for a new resource, in Spyrium.

Rampage was great back in the day. And now it’s back for more carnage!

Dust off your diplomatic skills if you plan on adventuring into Archipelago.

Gravwell will pull you in for some weighty turn moves. (Get it? Aha-ha-ha…)

Doom That Came to Atlantic City was on full demo.

Epic Spell Wars is getting expansions! Eventually.

TMG seems to really love Dungeon Roll, and Dungeon Roll in turn wants to loves everyone.

We got to try the big space influence Kickstarter Hegemonic due out soon.

The mafia-based Nothing Personal sold out. But we think it fell off a truck somewhere.

Plaid Hat seemingly couldn’t keep Mice & Mystics or Bioshock Infinite on the table. Though that may have been because of the actual plaid hats they were distributing.

There’s more to Greenbrier Games apparently than zombies. There’s also ninjas! Ninja Dice, a press your luck style dice game is due to launch on Kickstarter soon.

Z-Man rounds it out by showing off a number of their wares including Robinson Crusoe, Terra Mystica, and Pandemic’s 2nd expansion, In the Lab.


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