Episode 008: Making Makers

This month, the Greatway Games team chat about making and makers and how that sits within the board gaming hobby. Join as to hear all the kinds of makers we discuss, along with our usual pet corner & what’s making us happy.


Here are some of the things we mentioned this episode:

The Broken Token // Meeple Source // Sugar High Score on Twitter

Ambie from Board Game Blitz’s parody songs and the Board Game Blitz “Ballroom Blitz” parody

Actualol’s emo Pandemic Legacy song // The Happy Luza’s musical look at board games


Don’t forget, we’ll be at Origins and we’re having a Greatway Gathering at 2pm on Thursday June 15th. Head to table GCCC-MGH T6-8 and look for us – play a game, grab some swag and bring us pics of your pets please and thank you!


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