WizKids Wants You To Feast On Your Friends

Have you ever been stranded on an island, only to look over at your friend and think to yourself, “My, Frank sure does look tasty”?

No? Just me?

Well, this just got a little awkward.

Thankfully there’s a new game coming from WizKids to help take our minds off this whole unfortunate exchange. Called Who Should We Eat?, the game casts between 4 and 10 players as survivors of a plane crash marooned on a deserted island. The game is billed as a kind of dark comedy, with players scavenging supplies to build a raft while dealing with a growing drive to eat one another in order to survive. We’re laughing already!

Rather than be eliminated from the game, players who find themselves on the business end of a fork can come back to haunt the other players as ghosts, trying to drive them crazy before they can manage to escape the island. Who Should We Eat? is expected to wash up on store shelves later this year.

Which reminds me: time to stock up on snacks beforehand…