Weekly Roundup 8/29/13

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Site News:

Firstly, we want to announce that our podcast, Vox Republica, has been officially iTunes approved! You now can find us in the iTunes store here.


New Games:

Well, this isn’t really a new game, but we don’t have a section for reprints so . . . Scotland Yard: Master is a special anniversary edition that comes with the original game as well as an app version. In the app, you can get hints as to the location of Mr. X by questioning witness and examining radio waves (?). No word yet on whether or not your detective can drive or walk. (via BGG)

Fantasy Flight must be the busiest people in the industry. They’ve just announced another upcoming game, Blue Moon Legends, which is a special edition of Knizia’s Blue Moon card game. I’m not sure about the art and I’ve never played the original, but FF has proven that they do these kind of card games well.


Other News:

As is usually the case with CCGs, the doors are closing on one. So many come and go without notice that it usually isn’t worth mentioning, but it did raise some eyebrows when Blizzard Entertainment announced that they are discontinuing their popular World of Warcraft trading card game. (Well, popular is a strong term). I don’t know anyone who plays regularly, but someone must as it continually ranks in the top 5 best selling trading card games on the market. Even still, after seven years, the land of Orcs, Humans, and Pandas will once again be digital only when its last set is released next month. We’re guessing they didn’t want it to compete with their other (digital) card game, Hearthstone?

In less sad news, do you want to make a board game but don’t have an idea? Try the Boardgamizer!


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