Weekly Roundup 8/1/13

Weekly News


Site News:

We’ve managed to (finally) activate our Glossary tool. Hopefully it’ll prove useful in some of our articles going forward.

In more important and exciting news – we’re going to be at Gen Con this year! If you’re interested in getting in some games with The CR, let us know!


New Games:

Asgard’s Chosen, just announced by Mayfair Games, will also be making an appearance at Gen Con. The game is card-based, but interestingly the main mechanic seems to be more about losing things that gaining them. You have to appease the gods, and to do so you must make drastic sacrifices. I’m not sure my poor Architect soul can handle this one. (via BGG)

Fantasy Flight’s Planet Steam is now available. I’m a sucker for a good airship, and I really hope this lives up to my expectations.


Other News:

Moonrat Media is releasing a web series titled Board with Life: The Series. It’s set to debut on 8/8, and it’ll feature all forms of gaming. You should check out the trailer here.

Purple Pawn has a list of the 20 Most Valuable Vintage Board Games. Something to keep in mind as you’re cleaning out your basement . . .

Eileen Brennan, star of my beloved movie Clue, died this weekend at the age of 80. RIP Mrs. Peacock.



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