Weekly Roundup 7/25/13

Weekly News


New Games:

There’s a Cryptozooic game coming out that’s based on True Blood . . . so that’s happening. Sorry. (via BGG)

Le Fantome de la Opera, which is based mechanically on Mr. Jack, will be premiering at Gen Con.



Crabs Adjust Humidity, an unofficial expansion to the ultra-popular Cards Against Humanity, is available now on the website I just linked to. (via Initiative: Tabletop)

Ascension: Darkness Unleashed will also be available at Gen Con.


Other News:

Read an RPG in Public Week is a thing, and it’s happening now. (via Purple Pawn)

L5R dice are coming from Q-Workshop.

In case you missed it, like me, or have no real intention of watching it, also like me, here’s a review/recap of Hollywood Game Night.

In Soviet Russia . . . well, nevermind. Here are some weird/cool Soviet Era board games, though.

There’s a sale going on over at Drive Thru RPG – Christmas in July!



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