Weekly Roundup 6/5/14

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Site News:

A new month means a new Indie Spotlight! This month is not a game, though, but indie game conventions. Specifically the Boston Festival of Indie Games.


New Games:

Firefly: The Dice Game may be coming in November. That’s seriously all we know so far.

WizKids has announced the Dungeons & Dragons Dice-Building Game. Excited? So am I!



Machi Koro, Masao Suganuma’s beautiful game is growing. Harbor Expansion will be available in 2014, and it’ll change the game substantially by increasing the player count to five, adding two new landmarks and ten new establishments, and allowing for variable set ups. (via BGG)

You can now pre-order Alien Frontiers: Outer Belt here.

Fantasy Flight announced a new expansion pack for LotR. Look for The Antlered Crown in late 2014.


Other News:

Over in Belgium, four members of the gaming club Spelbunker have broken the Guinness world record for “The Longest Marathon Playing a Board Game”. The previous record was 61 hours, 2 minutes. Guinness has not yet released the official time achieved by Spelbunker yet.


Crowdfunding Corner:

Infestation: A Game of Bugs and Heroes – This family-friendly RPG lets you and your little ones play as sentient insects adventuring through This House. This House is full of filthy rooms to explore and grimy treasure to collect, and each type of bug has different advantages and disadvantages. The system is simple enough – two sets of dice roll off against each other to determine the outcome of the challenge. Where the game really shines is its obvious kid appeal, what with all the bugs and the grossness. It feels like a middle-school story book, the kind your teachers were never happy to see you reading, and it could be a great way to play with the mini-geeks in your lives. $10 gets you a copy of the pdf.

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Shadow Throne – In this dark drafting game, a King heads a falling kingdom, his wife leads a rebellion against him, and their daughter forswears them both and devotes herself to the church. If that setting alone doesn’t intrigue you . . . well, no. It just should. If it doesn’t, I don’t even know what to do with you. Who are you? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore. Anyway, Shadow Throne is a drafting and hand management game about Machiavellian politics. Each round represents a single battle in the ongoing war between the three factions, and the cards you play determine which faction wins the battle. The players on the winning side collect influence/VP. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which faction wins the war as long as you backed the right horse often enough. $25 earns you a chance at the throne.

Progress: Evolution of Technology – NSKN has managed to make a tech tree into a game, and a damn fine looking one at that. In Progress, players guide their civilizations through the ages, researching new technologies. And while that might not sound too exciting to some gamers, to players like myself – oh man. An entire game about the tech tree! Through the marvels of current production, $45 will send a copy directly to your doorstep.

Honorable MentionsMonikers; Ghosts Love Candy



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