Weekly Roundup 6/21/13

Weekly News


New Games:

Days of Wonder have announced their next game. Relic Runners should be out this September! Players take on the role of explorers rummaging through the jungle for ancient artifacts – a theme which I’m decidedly mixed on.

Masques, the latest Fantasy Flight title, is now available. It’s a strategic political card game for 2-4 players, and it looks really interesting.

So many new Origins debuts. I’m going to let Eric Martin take this one. We’re particularly excited for Robinson Crusoe.




For anyone who still wants to play Munchkin, Munchkin Legends has hit stores. We know you’re still out there.



Other News:

Yes! Yes to all of these. Top 5 Licenses That Deserve a Board Game.

No to all of this, though. This Man Lost His House Because His Kickstarter Was Too Successful details what went wrong in Ed Carter’s Glory to Rome Kickstarter.

In the same idea, this is a great summary on tips to ensure you’ll have a successful Kickstarter.

The Origin Awards were announced over the weekend. Here are the results. We’re particularly excited for Quarriors, one of my personal faves.

One Die Short is a new gaming comedy webseries up on Kickstarter. It actually looks really good, and I enjoy the comic that it’s based on! I’m excited by the sudden rush of gaming webseries, guys. Keep it up!

No time for a gaming history lesson? (Have we given you a gaming history lesson yet? If not, we need to get on that.) Check out this ultra brief history of games via Cottage Life.

Internet dating is more popular than ever. Board games are more popular than ever. It didn’t take Match.com long to put the two together.

Food! Guys, it’s a blog about food, and it has Cthulu on it, and it made these delicious looking Settlers breakfast trays. (via Kitchen Overlord)

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