Weekly Roundup 6/14/13

Weekly News


New Games:

Kabuki Models has announced a new board game. As of right now, the details are “covered by the deepest secret,” but the name will be Metal Heart. (via Tabletop Gaming News)




Star Trek Catan is getting a new set of maps. Now, you can boldly go . . . well, these are maps of known planets, so I guess you can boldly go where cartographers and surveyors have gone before. (via 2d6)

Here are some cool new Risk boards set in cities all over the U.S.

There’s a new expansion in the works for Descent. The Trollfens will be out this fall.

Level 7 [Omega Protocol] lets you retake Subterra Bravo after the events of Level 7 [Escape] and [Lockdown].



Other News:

Origins caught fire. Seriously. No gamers (or games) were harmed.

In other con news, I just found out about ConTessa, an upcoming online con. In their own words: “ConTessa is a free 4-day online apolitical gaming convention featuring the many women who play, create, and love games of all stripes.” It’s not just for women, though!

June 15th is Free RPG Day! See if your FLGS is participating!

In case you’re interested in visiting the Arctic Circle in January, BoardGameTravel.com is arranging a gaming trip to Finland in 2014. I’m more tempted by their trip to Greece this August. (via Purple Pawn)

Alissa Wesson at the International Center of West Lafayette, Indiana is using games to teach English to students from all over the world. She even created her own vocab game to help them along. (via Purdue Exponent)

Bleacher Report compares a Magic: The Gathering tournament to a poker tournament. As someone who is equally horrible at both games, I found this interesting.

Want to have the strangest chess set on the block? Or do you just want to see Ghandi and Pinnochio fight it out with Cruella de Vil and Rasputin? For only a few hundred thousand pounds, one of Maurizio Cattelan’s Good Versus Evil chess sets can be yours. (via Purple Pawn)

Nate Owens has an interesting piece up at F:AT on the rising cost of board games in the crowdfunding era. Anyone who spends time (and money) on Kickstarter should give it a read.

In Slightly-Impressive-But-Mostly-Just-Pointless: there’s a new world record for number of simultaneous Scrabble games played by one person. (via Purple Pawn)

Agricola is now available on iOS.

If you find yourself in Oregon anytime soon, check out the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlry.

And in Vancouver, you can watch an improve performance of Cards Against Humanity.


Lastly, to send us off into the weekend – A Japanese island is recreating the Game of Life . . . in real life. Sort of. Somehow. I don’t know. Oh, Japan. (via Purple Pawn)



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