Weekly Roundup 5/8/14

Weekly News


New Games:

Worlds of Rage is a new RPG from United Sight Studios. Space? Intrigue? You have my attention.



Fantasy Flight has released an expansion for Eldritch Horror. Forsaken Lore contains over 200 new cards, which is a huge addition to the current, less-than-optimal card set. It also features a new ld one (get it?) and some horrible, no good monsters. I’m not sure that this game needs to be more difficult, but the increase in variety is definitely welcome.

FF has also announced an expansion for their Call of Cthulhu Card Game.

Can’t get enough Adventure Time? There are some new Card Wars decks on the way!


Crowdfunding Corner:

Nothing Personal has some expansions on the way! They’re all available through this Kickstarter, and here’s a brief rundown on each: Power & Influence adds new characters and abilities and Associates adds (more) new characters, including Feds that you’ll have to avoid to come out on top.

We previewed Transylvania: Curses & Traitors, but in summary – it’s a luck-based adventure game in which players have to travel the board, complete quests, and gather enough resources to save the land from the evil B-movie monsters . . . that is, unless they become the monsters themselves. Check out our preview here for more info.

In the Not A Game, But Still Neat category we have this Kickstarter that lets you build your own custom deck box.

Here’s another one we’ve previewed (it’s been a busy week): Evolution is a game about creating a well-adapted species. It plays a lot like a light Euro game, with lots of imperfect information and board manipulation. Here’s a link to the full preview.

Pocket Odyssey is billed as a micro-RPG. It’s following in the recent trend of games that blend RPG and board game mechanics, and it’s a particular genre that I love to bits and pieces, so I might be biased when I say that Pocket Odyssey looks really neat.


Other News:

Science has come to our rescue once again! We’ve discovered how to win Rock-Paper-Scissors! Rejoice!

Ben Affleck (which is not really a name that pops up often at the CR) was kicked out of a Vegas casino, allegedly for card-counting, double-dog-allegedly for card-counting as research for his new Batman role. That last part’s probably false – Affleck is apparently known for his love of gambling.

The New York Times ran a piece on how technology is helping to spur on the board game revolution. It’s a really interesting and respectful piece, and it never takes the tone of BOARD GAMES? PEOPLE STILL PLAY THOSE?

And here’s a series of depressing “life lessons” taught by retro games. I will agree that Monopoly makes you hate your family, though.

But in case that’s too much of a downer, have a bunch of pictures of interesting dice!

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