Weekly Roundup 5/31/13

Weekly News


New Games:

Augustus, a 2013 Spiel nominee, will be available for play at Origins, though it won’t be on sale until Gen Con (in August, appropriately). (via BGG)

Dungeon Twister is back! In card form! And it’s set for a 2013 release! Forgive the excitement, but I believe that everything Christophe Boelinger does must be punctuated with the most enthusiasm possible. (via BGG)




Pandemic: On the Brink (2nd Edition) will be on sale June 26th. It seems to be pretty similar, if not identical, to the First Edition expansion.

Zombies!!! 12: Zombie Zoo will be out in July 2013. As if regular lions weren’t bad enough . . . (via BGG)

Could be worse. Could be set in an aquarium.



Other News:

There’s a new (and funny) gaming web series launching soon. Nights at the Round Table will be on YouTube in June. For now, the pilot is up and you should give it a look. (via Tabletop Gaming News)

Cracked.com has a list of Four Important Rule Changes that Make Every Game More Fun.

Jason Rohrer has designed a game meant to be played 2000 years in the future, and then he buried it in the Nevada desert. There goes every completionist’s dream. Read about it here.

Giant board games. They’re never not cool.

Are you sick of Arrested Development yet? No? Good! Grab yourself a frozen banana and sit down for a round of The Arrested Development Game of Life.

Until next week, Gamers.


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