Weekly Roundup 5/2/2014

Weekly News


New Games:

Tavern Tales is a new free RPG. It focuses on open, narrative-driven play, and it’s pledged to remain free for the duration of its production.

Die, Romeo, Die is a storytelling game out in July. It blends the romance of Shakespeare with the callous world of Grand Theft Auto, which is (at the very least) an intriguing premise. (via BGG)

The Daedalus Sentence will be out in late 2014. It’s a co-op escape-the-labyrinth game with a rotating board. (via BGG)



Crusade of the Forgotten is a new expansion for Descent by Fantasy Flight. It features hour heroes and three monster groups that originally appeared in the first edition of the game. They’re updated here to fit the second edition.

Munchkin Princesses is coming. It plays just like every other Munchkin game, but it involves princesses instead of zombies/cthulhu/axe cops.


Crowdfunding Corner:

Black Forest is a worker a 3-5 player worker placement/hidden traitor game set in Renaissance Germany. All players have a Role – Villager, Pagan, Lycan, or Werewolf (the traitor). During each Day Phase, players use their meeple to go about normal villager business – taking up new professions, gaining coins, accusing neighbors of lycanthropy. When the Night Phase begins, players draft cards 7-Wonders-style that they then play anonymously on each other (or themselves) – a la Apples to Apples. Most of these are bad; a few of them are good; two of them get your meeple chomped up into werewolf noms. Theoretically, no one knows who the werewolf is, though special actions and the behavior of the Werewolf player can give hints. $45 gets you a copy of the game.

Yardmaster is a train-building game for 2-4 players. It’s sort of like one part Ticket to Ride, one part Uno, where players must try to purchase trains of various colors and values and add them to their locomotive. It’s only $15 to get a copy of the game in US.

Other News:

Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters is a collection of essays designed to help GMs . . . well, improvise. The author list is forthcoming.



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